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Lincoln Park Zoo, one of the most famous attractions in Chicago, is close to the downtown area and it's free. Everyone knows Lincoln Park Zoo, but not many can tell what their logo looks like. This is where we could make it better by creating a new identity system. 

Phase 1 : Visual Research

Lincoln Park Zoo was founded in 1868 and has improved over the course of a century. I started a visual research from the history and learnt that one of most famous animals in the zoo was a gorilla named Bushman. More to add, Lincoln Park Zoo still has the biggest ape house in the United States. I know I must incorporate an ape’s facial expression as well as its fur texture to create the identity system. 

Phase 2 : Logo development

The phenomenal Gang’s Pavilion had also caught my eye during the initial search. The special shape of this architecture won many visitors’ heart and quickly became the most popular facility in the zoo. After a more thorough research, I gathered unique features from the zoo whether it’d be colors, patterns or buildings to use in the new identity system.

My concept for the new logo is to make it look friendlier and more energized. I started with simple typefaces to find the best combination for the zoo name. Then I replaced the letter "O" with a different graphic to make it look like a face of an ape. I also added animal play with the characters to interact with audience. Finally, I embedded textures from animals to make the logo look colorful and joyful.

Phase 3 : Application

Put it on some publication cover, and vehicle, merchandise.