Helping people cross the gap

When you travel to a foreign city, the first thing you would like to do is to find the correct way to your destination. There will be numerous guides at the visitors’ counters but you won’t know where to start. Paper guides are hard to keep and could create waste. 

I would like to design a digital map that has all the information but is easy to preserve and user-friendly. I will transform the old map scrolls into a new and modern technology. The electronic map will be made from stretchable electronic paper-like material and can be stored in an aluminum case. It is light in weight and easy to keep. The map is designed for the public and all essential data are already installed prior to purchase. Updates must be done regularly through each city government. No internet connection will be needed to use the device.


For this design, the blueprint was created before iPads came to reality. However, I still believe the electronic maps could benefit a lot of tourists and have product advantage.