Helping people cross the gap

How long has it been since the last time you talked to your neighbors, colleagues or your friends? It is crowded to live in the city, but the distance between you and other people isn’t getting closer. Technology has built up an invisible wall that is blocking everything out. The lamp I wish to design called “City Light” is a hint for people who had been blocked by that invisible wall.


When I walk home during the night, I could still see people working hard under the office lights. People put a lot of effort into their work because they hope for to live a better life and even a promotion. Buildings are the icon of Chicago. Each light bulb from City Light will sit at an edge of a window in a building. When it is lit, it welcomes people into the city.


On this design, there will be two tiny human figures sitting at the top of the lamp. When the light is off, they will sit side-by-side. When you rotate the two figures and have them sit back-to-back, the lamp will be switched on. This symbolizes the connection between two people who are so close to each other but cannot see the other’s face. It is just like living in the city. With limited space, we should be close to the people around us but an invisible barrier shuts off our social behavior and the ability to show emotions.